• "Education is the Movement of darkness to Light"

   INSTRUCTIONS :        
    The following instruction should be follow strictly for the students.
        A) All the students must maintain peaceful and cordial relations with the authorities of the Institute, staff members and among themselves.
       B) The students should not tamper with, damage or remove any or the fitting of the hostel or the Institute.
       C) The students must put in regular attendance in all the classes and be punctual.
       D) No student should absent himself without leave and without   giving genuine ground.
       E) The students must appear at all the examinations written or  oral, conducted by the
       F) The students must pay without fail, all the dues of the Institute within the time allowed by the authorities.


    G) Students taking admission in any one course will not be allowed to change over to other course after enrolment.
     H) Under no circumstances the fees and other dues paid by the students will be refunded to them, if they leave the institute without completing their studies.
    I) Use of Electric Heaters, T.V. and other such gadgets likely to cause inconvenience to other students is prohibited in the hostels.
       J) Students deputed for training in the mines should join the same shortly after deputation and must complete their full term of training assigned to them. Regular attendance at the mines is necessary, failing which their training may be discontinued.
       K) On return from training the students must submit to the institute a copy of the original training certificate granted by the manager of the mine within one week, together with a Photostat copy of the same.
       L) During training period the students remain under the control of the Mine’s Manager. They must abide by the instructions and maintain perfect discipline.


           Students/ Guardians are requested to contact the Principal/Director in case of genuine problems. In case of legal disputes between the Students/Guardian and the administration the principal and the legal adviser of the institute will be the Arbitrators.

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