• "Education is the Movement of darkness to Light"

          (A). FACULTY MEMBERS

Sl.No Members Address Designation
1. Sri. V.N.Singh A.I.S.M.,F.C.C. A.M.I. (Min) E (U.K), Ex. Principal, Mining Institute, Dhanbad.  Principal 
2. Sri. R.K. Singh Ex. Director of Mines Govt. of Bihar. Visiting Faculty Member
3. Sri. H.P.Singh Ex. Director, Centeral Coalfields Ltd.,Ranchi. Visiting Faculty Member
4. Sri. Surendra Prasad F.C.C. of Mine Survey Certificate Retd. Dy. C.M.E., C.C.L., Ranchi Visiting Faculty Member
5. Sri A. Prasad Ex. Dy.C.M.E., C.C.L., Ranchi Visiting Faculty Member
6. Sri. B.B. Singh A.I.S.M., F.C.C. Retd.C.M.E.,B.C.C.L., Dhanbad Visiting Faculty Member
7. Sri.H.R.Ghosh A.I.S.M.,F.C.C.. Ex.G.M.(HDD),E.C.L. Visiting Faculty Member
8. Sri. S.K.Bhatt A.I.S.M., F.C.C.Ex. G.M.(HRD),C.C.L Visiting Faculty Member
9. Sri. V.P.Gupta A.I,S.M.(hrd),B.C.C.L., Dhanbad Visiting Faculty Member
10. Sri A.K.Singh B.E.C.,Civil Visiting Faculty Member
11. Sri. P.K.Sinha PH.D. (Geography) Visiting Faculty Member
12. Sri.Irshad Fahim B.E.(Civil),AMIE,C.Engg.(India) Visiting Faculty Member


Sl.No Members Address Designation
1. Sri. S.N.Singh Ex. C.M.D. Eastern Coalfields Ltd. Chairman
2. Sri. B.Singh B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc. Director
3. Sri. U. Singh B.Com(Hons.),M.Com. Secretary
4. Sri. J.N. Singh A.I.S.M., F.C.C. Ex.D(P),WC.L. & S.E.C.L Director (Academy)
5. Sri.T.P.Srivastava B.Sc. Engg., M.B.A. Ex. Director (Technial), S.E.C.L. Director (Academy)
6. Mr. Hemant Kujur Ex.G.M.(Personnel),C.I.L. Director (Placement)

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